Clair Oriental Bellydance


I have been dancing Egyptian Oriental dance for over fifteen years and regularly perform oriental, baladi, shaabi and saidi style dance. In 2007, I won the Cleopatra award at the UK International Bellydance Congress.   I have performed at many events around the UK including Planet Egypt London bellydance showcase, Pink bellydance festival and  Bamba Birmingham Bellydance fesitval. 

Bellydance originates in the middle east and is a dance that was brought to the stage in the1900s.  Oriental bellydance is based on the folk dance 'baladi' which can commonly be seen being danced informally by all types of people in the middle east.

Bellydance has opened up a wonderul world of music, cultural awareness and fun to me.  Alongside this, it has given me a great sense of well being and confidence which  I hope to share with my students- try a class I bet you will be hooked!




Photo by Tracey Gibbs at

Photo by Tracey Gibbs